Blob Fish, Bun Fights, & Mime Craft, OH MY

We do rag on bakers fairly a bit over right here, so I say, from time to time, why not throw them a bone?

Apparently he is a communal NO I CAN’T SAY IT.

That’s precisely what the shopper requested for, btw, and let me let you know, Bridgett-the-baker was very joyful to see this order kind:

So thanks, buddies of Dick, for making one baker’s responsibility enjoyable once more.

Additionally I simply giggled like a 10-year-old by means of that complete sentence.

Here is a multi-eyed blob fish saying “WOW”:

Or maaaaybe a melting pink… purse?… saying MOM.

I say we keep on with the blobfish.

Now it is time for The Extra You Know! ‘Cuz I am bringing that again, y’all.

Ahem hem hem.

“Bonne féte” is French for “joyful birthday.”

“Bun Combat” is… not.

Talking of issues I kinda sorta know however probably not, bear in mind Sport Of Thrones?

Clearly this was made by a baker who is aware of as a lot as Jon Snow.

(Proper? Does that joke work? Maintain it collectively, Jen, nobody can let you know did not watch GoT. You bought this. Simply smile knowingly and shortly change the subjec…DANGIT I TYPED MY THOUGHTS OUT LOUD AGAIN.)

And eventually, the silent recreation of workmanship that simply retains on giving:


Who knew they constructed their invisible containers out of precise logs?

Due to Bridgett B., Anony M., Louise C., Melanie B., & Judi S. for lastly discovering an age-appropriate wreck for minors.


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