Dubbo sale 16 Mar 2023: Cattle roll in with dry climate

Yarding 4570 Change +540

Because the dry climate continues the cattle preserve rolling in with numbers lifting by 540 for a yarding of 4570.

General, it was a a lot plainer high quality yarding with solely odd a lot of younger cattle to swimsuit the feeders although there have been some effectively completed younger cattle to swimsuit the commerce consumers.

There have been good numbers of grown steers and cows, restricted numbers of grown heifers and there have been giant numbers of Bos Indicus cattle all through Younger cattle to the commerce have been agency with prime vealers promoting to 450c/kg.

Prime yearling steers offered from 326c to 426c whereas the prime heifer yearlings offered from 340c to 385c/kg. Medium weight feeder steers completed 12c dearer whereas the heavier weights have been 10c/kg cheaper. Feeder heifers have been 4c to 6c cheaper. The feeder steers offered from 286c to 396c whereas the feeder heifers offered from 268c to 360c/kg.

Younger cattle to the restockers have been agency to 6c cheaper with the younger steers promoting from 325c to 488c whereas the restocker heifers offered from 210c to 358c/kg. Grown steers completed 7c cheaper whereas the grown heifers have been agency with the prime grown steers promoting from 300c to 359c whereas the prime grown heifers offered from 295c to 348c/kg.

Cows have been 10c to 15c cheaper with the two and three scores promoting from 160c to 268c/kg. Prime heavy weight cows offered from 248c to 312c to common 270c/kg.

Heavy bulls offered to 306c/kg.

Market reporter: David Monk

Supply: NLRS. To view full NLRS Dubbo sale report click here