Sunday Sweets: The ten Cutest Muffins Of All Time*

I do know what you are considering: “Why hasn’t john (the hubby of Jen) written a Sweets in like, 3 years? I miss his intelligent use of the phrase daisy!” The reply is I used to be asleep.

So. To make up for misplaced time, I current:

The ten Cutest Muffins Of All Time*

(*that we may discover on the web)**
(**that we have not already posted)***
(***so far as I do know)



#10- Bunny Taking A Bathe

(By Sugar High Inc.)

As a result of severely, take a look at that bunny.

Additionally, from a technical standpoint, look how clean every part is. That is arduous to do. Should you do not consider me, take a look at each wedding ceremony missed mark we have ever posted.


#9- Quilted Owl

(By Chrisie’s Cakes)

I truly teared up a bit of once I noticed this cake.

Additionally, from a technical standpoint, the quilting and textures are lovely. Take a look at the little toes!


#8- Pet Fairly A lot Simply Waving

(By Cake DIY)

HELLO leetle pet dawg!

Additionally, from a technical standpoint, d’awwwwww.

Enjoyable reality! I’ve misspelled technical thrice in a row now.


#7- Kitten Presumably Drowning In A Cake

(By Cake Designs By Deborah)

At first look, this appears fairly tragic. Perhaps the kitten’s simply moments from dying. Or possibly I am studying an excessive amount of into this. However how do we all know?

Additionally, I’ve no techinicla* standpoint.
(*I am embracing my terrible spelling.)


#6- Panda In Mid-Excessive 5

(By Sweet Little Cakes)

Duuude. I’d very very like to snuggle him.

Enjoyable reality: Pandas talk virtually completely by excessive 5. -source: Wikipedia


#5- Cute Cactus

(By Hello Naomi)

Why sure, Mr. Cactus. I’d love a stabby, stabby hug. And thanks for asking.


#4- (Incoherent Squealing)

(By Wonder Cake)

(extra incoherent squealing)


#3- Resigned To His Destiny Owl

(By Zoe’s Fancy Cakes)

I like the expression. It is like a grandfather at Epcot getting his image taken late within the day in entrance of Spaceship Earth whereas his grandkids are screaming within the background about how they hate Epcot they usually need to see Elsa.


#2- Elephant That Kinda Seems Like He is Pooping String

(By Birthday Center Elite. Perhaps.)

However C’MON! The string makes a coronary heart! So, like, it is a coronary heart string!

Additionally, from a terginicle standpoint, have you learnt how arduous it’s to get good sharp edges on a cake like that?! It is unattainable. This cake is actually unattainable. Simply saying.


And the most effective cake this week that made Jen and I giggle so arduous we snorted a bit of:

#1- Startled Sloth

(Baker unknown)

As a result of he is seen issues, man. He is seen issues…


Thanks for being the most effective readers ever, you guys. And HAPPY SUNDAY!!!


P.S. Yet one more cutie: this lil’ kitchen mushroom flips inside out to change into a funnel!

Magic Mushroom Funnel